Personal Training


Consultation Session –

We start by discussing any questions and concerns you have and how I can help you achieve your overall fitness goals and objectives. This is a good time for us to discuss any special needs you may have so we can determine what program would work best for you.

Personal Training Session –

At your first session I will evaluate your fitness level. From here I will be able to produce a program for you that is unique to your individual needs. The intensity of each session is based on improving your current level of fitness. I will motivate you through the entire program and help keep you on track.

We Specialise In –

One on One Training
Strength Training
Endurance Training
Weight Loss
Body Building Figure/Sports Model Preparation

Where –


What To Expect –


An exercise program devised for you based on your individual needs, goals and abilities that will constantly challenge you.

A regularly modified results orientated training program that remains fun and allows your body to stay challenged, whether it be within a private session or my group or boot camp sessions.

A private and professional and relaxed atmosphere.

A highly qualified and experienced trainer dedicating my time solely to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, motivating you all the way.

While I can provide you with all the information and motivation you need, I cannot do the work for you.

Eating Plans Available –

General Eating Plan
Muscle Gain / Fat Loss

Skin folds and weigh-ins are available at my Personal Training Studio in Canningvale.





Dezigner Bodz Personal Training offers a private and professional Mobile Personal Training service.

Our prices are highly competitive and fantastic value for money.

One on one training programs are personalised to benefit not only beginners but also advanced clients. It means you will receive the personal attention you deserve that will help you meet your fitness goals.

1 on 1 1 hour
1 on 1 30 mins
1 on 1 45 mins
2 on 1 1 hour
2 on 1 45 mins
3 on 1 1 hour
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